Melli Erzuah

Coach for Diversity & Empowerment

for creative Communities and Organisations

Communities & Organisations

I guide creative communities with body-oriented coaching in breaking new ground for diversity-oriented thinking and working.


This coaching is for teams and individuals in organizations who have the will and courage to examine their own structures, thoughts and actions for discrimination and to change internalized patterns.

With innovative methods and concepts of body, breath and voice exercises, as well as meditations and visualizations, I support you in building security in and connection to the body. The change of internalized discriminatory patterns becomes a physical experience that awaken courage and opportunities for transformation. This strengthens the awareness of internalized thought and behavioural patterns. Connections to oneself and others based on trust, understanding and community become possible and an atmosphere is created in which appreciation, creativity and innovation are embodied.

My methods and concepts are particularly inspired by Black feminist theory and practice. They empower individuals and collectives in agency, self-esteem and expression in a world that encourages overworking and disconnection.


Coaching for people who experience discrimination to strengthen self-confidence and build a loving and appreciative relationship with themselves. Continue reading

Unconscious Bias

(Re)understand and accept social dynamics and your own role and responsibility with self-confidence. Continue reading

Short Formats

Experienctial spaces to foster connection to the body. For example at conferences, retreats or events to integrate new insights and experiences or as a teaser for longer formats and collaboration. Continue reading

Hi, my name is Melli!

I am a diversity and empowerment coach, choir director and educational trainer. My work and research focus is how singing and bodywork can help us to create bold impactful strategies and practices that lead us into a world that is based on appreciation of diversity, community and connection to the earth. My focus is the transformation of societal discriminatory behavioural patterns and modes of understanding the world into trust, innovation and connection. With great enthusiasm for collective singing, I hold experiencetial spaces to strengthen the connection to the body and others. I work from an intersectional and decolonial motivation and black queer life experience.

Interested in working with me? Kindly send and E-Mail to hallo [at] melli-erzuah [dot] de. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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