Sing into Liberation

To transform internalized patterns of powerlessness and oppression, body and mind have to be (re)connected. In this workshop, the voice will be explored as a tool to build and strengthen this connection, to discover sources of power and inspiration within. Bottled up heavy emotions can be turned into feelings of release, love and connection.

We will sing together and no one will be asked to sing in front of others. Through discriminatory projections onto marginalized bodies, a painful relationship to one’s own voice can be developed, which can have a negative impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. This workshop is about developing a loving relationship where judgments quiet down and the voice can be experienced as a means of feeling free, loved and strong.

This experiential space usually lasts 3 hours and can be carried out online or in person. For face-to-face events, the room needs enough space for the group to move around. The target group is primarily people who are negatively affected by discrimination and experience social marginalization. The workshop can be adapted to the groups needs and desires.

Note on Accessibility

The workshop will be conducted in spoken Language (English or German). Body exercises are light and offered in variation to adjust to personal comfort and ability. People with limitations in mobility can attend these workshops. I am happy to answer any questions via E-Mail.


Papers and pens, if necessary a tuned piano or stage piano/keyboard (88 keys) with pedal. In Berlin I can bring my own if the transport costs are covered.

I am looking forward to your request via E-Mail hallo [at] melli-erzuah [dot] de!

This Workshop is not just a singing workshop. It allows to find your voice in community which has, for me, opened new creative and healing pathways. 100% recommend


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