Unconscious Bias and Critical Whiteness

Discrimination is human made and historically grown and therefore changeable!

Discrimination and oppressive structures are inscribed as patterns in the body that have been passed on transgenerationally and express themselves in thoughts, emotions and behavior.

In this workshop, these patterns can be set in motion to process and change them. The workshops are very profound, and not mentally focused, but experiential spaces in which social dimensions can be understood and your own responsibility accepted with self-confidence. The target group are people who are socially privileged, desire to manage the responsibility that comes with it and transform unconscious behavioural and thought patterns.

Note on Accessibility

The workshop will be conducted in spoken Language (English or German). Body exercises are light and offered in variation to adjust to personal comfort and ability. People with limitations in mobility can attend these workshops. I am happy to answer any questions via E-Mail.

I am looking forward to your request via E-Mail hallo [at] melli-erzuah [dot] de!

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