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The body as a space of experience

The body is the only space that is constantly available. And yet there are often blockages that make it difficult to use the body’s own resources of strength and inspiration. For example, through stress or very top-heavy work.

In this workshop, access to the body is created with simple voice and breathing exercises in order to explore this space: Paths are paved towards the body’s own resources and sources of inspiration and connections to them are established. These connections stimulate profound processes that bring clarity and new impulses for creative processes and can dissolve blockages. During the journey into the body, body and mind are brought into harmony and receptivity is sensitized and strengthened.

These workshops can be held online or in person and be adapted to the individual request in terms of time and content. They are suitable for example for

  • congresses, events, retreats or conferences. For example as a prelude or final ritual, in the supporting program or workshop slots
  • Workshops for organizations if you desire a shorter format

I am looking forward to your request via E-Mail hallo [at] melli-erzuah [dot] de!

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